The Dacia company presented a new special version of the Spring electric car, which received a remarkable name – Extreme! What is extreme here?

There are differences in appearance, but they are barely noticeable. The new Dacia Spring Extreme electric car received a copper-colored decoration (mirrors, headlight liner, logos) and special linings on the doors. Compare the usual version of Dacia Spring (light electric car) and the new Dacia Spring Extreme (dark electric car). And in the interior, the differences are due to the expansion of the equipment: for example, the equipment of Dacia Spring Extreme includes a touch display, a rear view camera, air conditioning, etc.

However, where is the promised Extreme? It seems that in a radical increase in the power of the electric motor – immediately almost 1.5 times! After all, the usual Dacia Spring electric car has 44 hp, but the Dacia Spring Extreme version offers 61 “horses”. In addition, the gearbox of the electric motor has changed.

But the battery (27.4 kWh) remained the same. Also, taking into account the increase in power, the range has slightly decreased: from now on, it is 220 km (WLTP) against 230 km in the regular Dacia Spring versions.

The Dacia Spring Extreme electric car is already available for order in Europe at a price of 22.3 thousand euros. Quite a lot, as for a budget model. But not much for a special version.