Lionsgate has finally released the first trailer for the Borderlands movie adaptation… and it’s a little disappointing. Because it’s not enough to cast incredibly cool actors in all the roles, they also need to match the game characters. The authors of Borderlands managed to miss the mark 10 times out of 10.

Cate Blanchett is a very cool actress who has two Oscars, but she is not Lilith at all. Kevin Hart is a great comedian, but he is not Roland. Jamie Lee Curtis is a legend, but she is no Tannis. Ariana Greenblatt is a talented girl, but she is not Tiny Tina. Gina Gershon looks great at 61, but she is not Moxie.

The only one I have no questions about is Jack Black, who voiced Claptrap. Everything seems to be fine here. In addition, the trailer features other familiar characters from the game, familiar vehicles, monsters, and “special effects.”

In fact, the Borderlands movie has been in the works for so long that the studio that created the series of games, may not even wait until the film’s release, which is scheduled for August 9, 2024.

And what do you think of the trailer?