Gearbox Software is supposedly working on Borderlands 4 and Tiny Tina’s Wonderland 2. At least these two games were recently mentioned in the LinkedIn profile of Randall Rice, the former CTO of Lost Boys Interactive (now part of Gearbox Entertainment Company, which in turn is part of the Swedish Embracer Group), writes Videogames Chronicle. Both names have now been removed from Rice’s profile.

The fantasy action/RPG Tiny Tina’s Wonderlands, a spinoff to the Borderlands series, was released in spring 2022, garnered good press and showed good sales results. It was known that a new game with Tiny Tina was already in development, although it hadn’t been announced yet. There was no news about Borderlands 4 at all. The previous installment was released in 2019 and seemed to perform well, but there was no word on the start of development of the fourth part.

But the last game in the Borderlands series, the adventurous New Tales from the Borderlands, which was developed by Gearbox Software instead of Telltale Games, was a real disaster.

Meanwhile, Embracer Group, which acquired Gearbox Software in 2021 for a hefty $1.3 billion, is reportedly looking for a buyer for the studio, according to Reuters. In the summer of 2023. Embracer Group has announced a major restructuring of the company, closing some studios and laying off more than 900 employees in the first wave of layoffs alone.