3D artist and Cyberpunk 2077 fan Serhii Duzhyk created a detailed 3D scene of cyberpunk Kyiv using Unreal Engine 5. Gamedev.DOU drew attention to this.

The scene was made using Unreal Engine 5.3, and everything is as it should be in the cyberpunk world – night, fog, lots of neon and advertisements for brands familiar to every Ukrainian: ATB, Lvivske, Silpo, Dnipro-M, Rozetka, Nova Poshta, Privat, etc. Serhii was working on this project in his spare time for six months. Detailed screenshots and videos can be found on the author’s ArtStation page.

Recently, cyberpunk Kyiv was featured in the gameplay trailer of Off The Grid by Ukrainian-German studio Gunzilla Games.