Samsung is preparing an update for the Galaxy S24. It is planned for this month, writes Android Authority.

Usually, companies release updates to a new series of their phones as soon as possible to fix the first wave of problems and bugs, but not in the case of the Galaxy S24.

It’s been a while since the sale was launched, but only now the company has announced an update and highlighted some of the changes.

Samsung usually doesn’t announce updates unless it’s a global One UI update, so this announcement is noteworthy. According to Samsung, the next update for the Galaxy S24 series will bring a Vividness slider in the advanced display settings.

Samsung Galaxy S24

The Galaxy S24’s display displays colors more naturalistically, but some users find it dim, especially compared to previous Samsung flagships. The presence of a brightness slider should satisfy both groups of users.

In addition, the update will include several camera improvements, including zoom, portrait mode, night mode, rear camera video capabilities, and more.

No specific changes were mentioned in the announcement, but users criticized the Galaxy S24’s camera, noting that problems such as shutter lag, motion blur, and image shift were quite common.