In principle, everything is logical: after the launch of the new BMW 5-series sedans and BMW i5, it’s time for the station wagon with the traditional Touring designation. Interestingly, the range now includes the BMW i5 Touring: it will be the first electric 5-series wagon in history. So let’s start with it!

Similar to the sedan, the new BMW i5 Touring wagon is quite large, with a total length of 5.06 meters and a wheelbase of almost 3 meters. The differences between the wagon are clear: a new trunk lid, a new roof, and rear pillars. And an enlarged trunk – up to 570 liters or even up to 1700 liters of volume with the rear seats folded down.

The BMW i5 Touring electric car will debut in two versions that share an identical 81.2 kWh battery. However, everything else is completely different! Thus, the BMW i5 Touring eDrive 40 version offers a maximum range of up to 560 km, a single electric motor (maximum power of 250 kW or 340 hp) and rear-wheel drive. Instead, the BMW i5 Touring M60 xDrive version will travel less – up to 506 km – but faster: two electric motors (maximum power 442 kW or 601 hp), all-wheel drive, acceleration 0-100 km/h in 3.9 seconds.

But let’s get back to the traditional BMW 5 Series Touring wagon. The start is given by the 4-cylinder 2-liter diesel version 520d with 197 hp, which will be offered with rear or all-wheel drive. In the summer, the BMW 5 Series Touring range will be expanded with a more powerful 6-cylinder 540d diesel engine with 299 horsepower.

In addition, gasoline PHEV hybrids with the 530e designation are expected to appear: these station wagons will offer 299 hp, rear or all-wheel drive, and the ability to travel up to 89-96 km exclusively on electric power. But they will also have to wait until the summer of this year.

Although the launch of the first variants of the new station wagon – the electric BMW i5 Touring and the diesel versions of the BMW 520d Touring – will take place in the spring.