In fact, this is a continuation of the story about the update of the Ford Explorer, because the large crossover Lincoln Aviator is as related to it as possible. That’s why the upgrade took place almost simultaneously and according to a similar scenario.

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For example, the Lincoln Aviator now gets new headlights that go inside the grille. New body colors, design packages, and variants have been added – for example, the maximum Black Label version with black decor and wheels. By the way, the latter can be 20-21-22-inch.

In line with its status, the Lincoln Aviator is immediately equipped with a powerful 3-liter V6 gasoline engine with 400 horses. This turbo engine is paired with a 10-speed automatic and rear or all-wheel drive.

Similar to Ford, the biggest technical changes in the updated Lincoln Aviator are in the cabin. These include a new Digital Experience multimedia system and a 13.2-inch display, as well as the BlueCruise semi-automatic driving system, which allows you to release the steering wheel while driving on the highway. In addition, new leather and wood trim options have been added.

Sales of the updated Lincoln Aviator will begin this summer. The price starts at $58 thousand, but the maximum equipment can reach $87 thousand.

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