Gaming journalist and writer Jason Schreier, known for his books Blood, Sweat, and Pixels and Press RESET, has announced a new book – PLAY NICE: The Rise, Fall, and Future of Blizzard Entertainment.

As the title suggests, the book will tell the story of Blizzard Entertainment, from its founding in 1991 to its recent changes and acquisition by Microsoft.

“PLAY NICE chronicles the story of Blizzard Entertainment as it grew from the ambitious dream of a UCLA student to an international empire generating billions of dollars in revenue a year while facing all manner of corporate machinations and cultural setbacks,” the author said.

The book is based on interviews with more than 350 people and will tell the story of the creative struggles and boardroom drama that have shaped Blizzard over the past three decades.

The book will be released in English on October 8, 2024, and the publishing house MAL’OPUS, which handled the Ukrainian version of Press RESET, has already appeared in the comments under the announcement, so let’s hope that we won’t have to wait long for the Ukrainian release.