During the Citi conference held in early September, Intel CFO David Zinsner hinted at a possible release of Windows 12 in 2024, reports PC Gamer.

Speaking about the future of Intel, David Zinsner mentioned a major Windows update and how it will help boost sales of the company’s products. He didn’t use the term Windows 12, but given all the previous rumors and the scale with which Zinsner spoke about the update, we can expect that it is a new version of the operating system.

It’s also worth mentioning that Intel’s next CPU architecture, Metor Lake, will change the way everything works inside a computer. Similar to Alder and Raptor Lake, which were optimized for better performance with Windows 11, Meteor Lake may be designed with Windows 12 in mind.

So far, Meteor Lake has been announced only for mobile devices and it has been said that it will have a separate processor for AI-related tasks. This also resonates with rumors that Windows 12 will have many AI-based features.