On the eve of the next Steam New Releases Festival, which starts tonight, a demo version of a new Ukrainian game, an interesting card game Menace from the Deep, has appeared on Steam.

Menace from the Deep is a card game in the Roguelike Deckbuilding subgenre set in a dark and mysterious world inspired by the works of Howard Lovecraft and his pantheon of Ancient Gods. The game revolves around a secret occult society in the United States of the 1920s.

Menace from the Deep is being developed independently by Artem Bazdyrev, the brother of Pylyp Bazdyrev, whose pirate game Timeloop: Sink Again Beach was based on his brother’s first project Sink Again.

Menace from the Deep looks very interesting and atmospheric, and the demo has full Ukrainian localization and full Ukrainian voice acting (!), and there are actually enough texts. It will take you about 40 minutes to complete the demo and we recommend you to try it.

Menace from the Deep is scheduled for release on Steam later in 2024.