In the United States, a group of 25 counties in California has filed a lawsuit against Tesla. They claim that the company mishandled hazardous waste at its facilities across the state, writes Reuters.

The lawsuit was filed by Los Angeles, San Joaquin, San Francisco, and other counties in California state court. The plaintiffs are seeking civil penalties and an injunction that would require Tesla to properly manage its waste in the future.

The carmaker is accused of violating state laws on unfair business practices and hazardous waste management by improperly labeling waste and sending it to landfills that cannot accept hazardous materials.

In California, hazardous waste management legislation provides for potential civil penalties of up to $70 thousand per day for each violation.

According to the agency, the waste at Tesla’s facilities in California includes paints and varnishes, brake fluids, used batteries, antifreeze, and diesel fuel. The lawsuit alleges that the violations occurred at 101 facilities, including Tesla’s Fremont plant.

By the way, Tesla has also recently faced problems with its electric cars. For example, it has recently become known that the company is recalling 200 thousand cars in the US due to a malfunctioning rearview camera.

The problem is that the camera does not turn on when the car is in reverse. The cause of the malfunction is a software failure.