Samsung patented a smart ring back in 2015. The idea was that the user could use it to control smart gadgets – switch channels on the TV, adjust the brightness of the lighting, close the blinds, etc. That idea was not implemented, but we can still see a smart ring from a South Korean company.

Earlier this year, Samsung registered the trademark Galaxy Ring (other possible names: Samsung Circle, Samsung Index, Samsung Insight). And in the new beta version of the Samsung Health app, the name Ring was also spotted.

The Galaxy Ring was mentioned in the Samsung Health Beta application

There are no details about the gadget in the application. It can be assumed that the device will have functions related to health monitoring, which we told about back in the spring.

It is also possible that the Ring item will mean support for similar devices from other manufacturers, such as Oura Smart Ring. This smart ring is able to constantly track your heart rate, monitor blood oxygen levels, measure skin temperature, count steps and monitor your sleep. Its battery life is about a week.

Samsung has not yet mentioned the development of a smart ring, but at the end of this month the company will hold a Galaxy Unpacked presentation. Maybe they will show us the Galaxy Ring there.