Tesla’s humanoid robot Optimus is learning new skills. This time, it has learned to fold a T-shirt on a table. The demonstrative video was published by Elon Musk, writes TechCrunch.

The robot behaves quite skillfully, although it does so slowly, and the result of its actions is far from perfect. At the same time, Elon Musk clarified that Optimus is not yet capable of doing this autonomously.

“…certainly be able to do this fully autonomously,” however, and without the highly artificial constraints in place for this demo, including the fixed-height table and single article of clothing in the carefully placed basket,” the billionaire added.

Tesla unveiled a new generation of its humanoid robot Optimus in December. At the time, the Optimus Gen 2’s movements, especially its upper body, attracted a lot of attention in the video.

In the video, it was moving eggs, which demonstrated Optimus Gen 2’s ability to manipulate objects delicately. Tesla also showed the robot dancing in the video.

Despite its remarkable technical prowess, the humanoid robot is obviously performing planned and programmed actions to demonstrate precise movements, not artificial intelligence technology.