Tesla has unveiled a new generation of its humanoid robot Optimus. The company posted the video on YouTube.

The video lasts about two minutes and shows the capabilities of Optimus Gen 2. For example, the robot’s movements, especially the upper body, look quite impressive.

In the video, the company listed the capabilities of Optimus Gen 2: it is 10 kg lighter than its predecessor and has a 30% higher walking speed. In addition, it has an improved balance and full-body control system.

The robot’s arms are particularly noteworthy. In the video, it moves eggs, which proves that Optimus Gen 2 is capable of delicate manipulation of objects. In the video, the company also shows how the robot dances. And it’s pretty good at it.

Last October, during the annual Tesla AI Day 2022 event in Palo Alto, California, Elon Musk showed a prototype of the humanoid robot Optimus. He walked around the stage, waved to the audience, and even tried to do something like a dance.