Kia and Uber have signed a memorandum of understanding on the use of PV5 modular electric vans for ride-hailing, reports The Verge.

This van is one of several models that Kia has just unveiled. They share a common electric PBV (Platform Beyond Vehicle) platform and similar names: Kia PV1, Kia PV5, Kia PV7.

The Kia PV5 is a mid-size model of the lineup. It will be able to change the body type: cargo van or passenger van, standard or high roof. Uber wants to add the PV5 as an option for its drivers, hoping to fulfill its promise to go fully electric in all markets by 2040.

Uber explained that the purpose of the agreement with Kia is to determine the optimal specifications for PBV models, with the possible further integration of technologies and services to benefit drivers and passengers.

The companies will work together to create “proofs of concept, prototypes and production of PBVs tailored to the needs of drivers using the Uber platform.”

Currently, Uber is working with automakers to offer drivers flexible electric car lease terms and incentives, such as additional bonuses for each electric car ride.

Uber says that more than 74 thousand drivers use electric vehicles in North America and Europe.