Usually, commercial vehicles and various vans do not attract much attention. However, this time everything looks very interesting! After all, Kia has presented not just one commercial van, but several models at once.

They share a common electric PBV (Platform Beyond Vehicle) platform and similar names: Kia PV1, Kia PV5, Kia PV7 – an increase in the number logically indicates an increase in overall dimensions. The Kia PV1 electric vehicle is the smallest and is offered as a delivery vehicle within the city. The Kia PV7 electric van is the largest and is offered for the transportation of heavy goods.

However, the most interesting model is the mid-size Kia PV5, as it is the one with the option of changing the body type: cargo van or passenger van, standard or high roof.

The layout of the passenger compartment is also different, with the ability to change the position of the seats. Mechanical locks and electromagnetic locks are provided to secure the bodies.

In fact, only the front cabin module and the driver’s seat will be stationary. However, there are also transformation possibilities – a movable folding steering wheel or a central display tablet that can be removed and taken with you.

Of course, these are just concepts. However, they have very good chances of being implemented in production models: it is already known that Kia plans to open a new plant that will exclusively produce electric vehicles on the PBV platform, i.e., electric vans like these. The plant should start operating in 2025 and will be ready to produce up to 150 thousand electric vehicles annually. We are looking forward to it!