More and more displays are appearing in modern cars, especially in electric cars. These include large digital instrument panels and entertainment screens for passengers. LG is preparing to present its developments in this area at CES 2024.

This was reported by TechRadar.

Thus, one of the largest manufacturers of various types of displays has prepared new flexible panels for the exhibition. They are called Thin OLED. LG envisages that such screens can be installed, for example, in the ceiling in front of passengers. When not in use, the panels can be easily hidden. They are lightweight and will not require much space for installation.

LG teases new flexible displays for in-car use

The company is currently working on large information and control panels. You can see one of them in the image. This is the more familiar P-OLED matrix, which can be perfectly integrated into the interior, especially when it comes to black colors.

And, of course, the company also took care of safety while driving. The passenger side of the screens will have the SPM (Switchable Privacy Mode) function, which will prevent the driver from being distracted from the road. Thus, the image on the passenger side of the screen will be visible only to the passenger, while the driver will see it in black (a similar technology is already offered by the new Mercedes E-Class).

At the exhibition itself, LG plans to show more folding and flexible screens. Most of the new displays are also expected to be touchscreen.