The mobile version of Facebook has a new feature. It is called “Link History” and acts as a repository for all the links that a user has opened within 30 days, writes Gizmodo.

This feature is available in the Facebook app on Android and iOS. It is enabled by default, but users can disable it in the settings. In this case, Facebook promises to delete the link history within 90 days.


The function is positioned as a useful tool for consumers that “keeps your web activity in one place” rather than as another way to monitor user behavior. Meanwhile, the data obtained is not only a storage but also information for targeted advertising.

For now, Link History is available to users in certain regions, but it will eventually be rolled out globally.

By the way, last year Meta announced the introduction of a paid subscription without ads on Facebook and Instagram for EU users. The initiative was described as a way for the company to avoid conflicts with European regulators over data privacy issues, as social media advertising is based on the analysis of user data.