High-tech Chinese companies are increasingly entering the automotive world. It is worth mentioning the Xiaomi electric car or the AITO M5 crossover, which had the Huawei operating system.

This time, however, the company went even further and became one of the founders of a joint venture that will produce the large AITO M9 crossover.

And it is really big: thanks to its 5.2-meter length and 3.11-meter wheelbase, the AITO M9 crossover should offer enough space to accommodate six people as comfortably as possible.

The affinity with the Chinese tech giant has given us many original solutions: xPIXEL headlights with the ability to display inscriptions/numbers, a 25-speaker audio system with real-time sound adaptation, a dozen displays in the cabin – even a 32-inch one for the rear passengers.

In addition, the AITO M9 crossover received a total of 192 sensors and radars to ensure the functioning of various auxiliary systems for the driver. Another feature of the AITO M9 model is the air suspension with the ability to adapt and adjust to the type of road.

The technology under the hood is also not disappointing: the AITO M9 crossover can offer either an all-electric or PHEV hybrid version. In the first case, we are talking about a 98 kWh battery with a range of up to 630 km, and the total power of the electric motors reaches 530 horsepower. In the second case, the power will be lower (496 hp), but the combination of electric motors and a 1.5-liter turbo engine promises a total range of 1400 km, of which 170 km can be driven on electric drive.

Sales of the new AITO M9 in China are starting right now. The price is $65-80 thousand, depending on the version and equipment. Given the current popularity of Chinese electric vehicles in Ukraine, do you think the AITO M9 crossover has a chance of ever appearing on the streets of Ukrainian cities?