On the eve of Christmas, the source code of Grand Theft Auto 5 was released to the public. This happened a year after hackers from Lapsus$ hacked into Rockstar’s internal network and stole corporate data, writes BleepingComputer.

Links to download the source code were shared on numerous channels. It also appeared on a Telegram channel that hackers had previously used to leak stolen Rockstar data. The channel owner posted the link and attached a screenshot of one of the folders.


He also mentioned the hacker Arion Kurtazh, who previously leaked pre-release videos of Grand Theft Auto 6 under the nickname “teapotuberhacker”.

“He started all of this and ensured the leak would become public. I have immense respect for him.
Miss you buddy. If you want to take a trip down memory lane, check out the list of pinned messages to see how it all unfolded in 2022. Arion actively talked in here,” the post says.

GTA хакер

Last year, the UK reported the arrest of Arion Kurtazh, and recently the hacker was sentenced to a hospital stay for hacking Rockstar and Uber.