The winners of the online festival of Ukrainian independent developers Indie Cup Ukraine’23 have been announced.

The role-playing game Hollow Home by Twigames team won in two nominations, Most Promising Game and Critics’ Choice. This is a story about a Ukrainian teenager who tries to survive and help others in a city surrounded by Russian troops. The authors were referring to the events during the siege of Mariupol in 2022 and were inspired by the game Disco Elysium. This is a really hard game that should remind Ukrainian and foreign players of the events of the first months of a full-scale war.

The best game of the festival, according to the jury, was the minimalist puzzle game Oberty by solo developer Dmytro Denys, which won the Most Anticipated Game Award.

The brutalistic adventure game Blessed Burden by Podoba Interactive won the Rising Star Award as the best game from a small team without a publisher.

The People’s Choice Award was given to the project that raised the most money for charity during Indie Cup Ukraine’23. This is a hardcore platformer Through the Nightmares by SandmanTeam. A year ago, Through the Nightmares won the Rising Star Award at Indie Cup Ukraine’23.

A total of 72 games took part in Indie Cup Ukraine’23, from which the jury selected 26 nominees. The jury members included experts from CD Projekt RED, Creative Assembly, Remedy Entertainment, Red Beat, etc., as well as game journalists, video bloggers, and developers who won previous Indie Cup seasons.

Indie Cup Ukraine’23 was a fully charitable festival that included a number of fundraisers for the Armed Forces and volunteers. The organizers managed to raise UAH 437,899 (of which 38,353 were donations in the People’s Choice nomination).

The organizers are grateful to the gaming companies that contributed to the fees and became partners of the festival: Hologryph, Ternox Games, and Crunchy Leaf.

As a reminder, now Mezha is also raising money to help the military. Join in!