Despite the problem with electricity, the jury members of the festival of Ukrainian indie games Indie Cup Ukraine’22 were able to see all 60 projects presented at this competition and choose the best of them. To be honest, it was not easy, because the average level of projects this year turned out to be surprisingly high. And it’s great.

In the Grand Jury Award category, i.e. the best game of the festival, the game DESTRUCTURE: Among Debris won, a kind of hybrid of classic, air hockey and bullet hell. Please note that in this arkanoid the “brick wall” is shot away.

The best game from a small team without a publisher, which won the Rising Star Award, was the hardcore action/platformer Through the Nightmares by Sandman Team. The game is for real masochists, because you will have to “die” a lot.

The Critics’ Choice Award, chosen by members of the press and influencers, went to the game Erra: Exordium . This is a very stylish 2D-action in a dieselpunk setting, the events of which take place in the universe built on Sumero-Akkadian mythology. This is really a very unusual combination of styles.

And finally, in the Community Award category, where the winner was chosen by public voting for donations to charity meetings, 2D-action/platformer Space Me Out by Catfishbox Team. Most likely, the funny cat with a katana and a laser gun, which travels through different planets, attracted viewers.

Please note that three of the four winning games have demo versions, so everyone can independently assess the level of Ukrainian indie games.

As a reminder, Indie Cup Ukraine’22 is a completely charitable festival, during which the international and Ukrainian audience of Indie Cup donated money to a number of initiatives in support of Ukraine. The first of them was the collection for a reconnaissance drone for the 93rd Separate Mechanized Brigade Kholodnyi Yar of the Armed Forces of Ukraine, which protects the city of Bakhmut, as well as for four charging stations for the military in the Kharkiv direction. The necessary funds for them have already been collected. And right now you can help with the fees for a truck to deliver clean drinking water to Mykolaiv.

The organizers of Indie Cup Ukraine’22 express their gratitude to the Remedy company, as a sponsor of the festival, and to the companies 24Play, Hyper Games Conference, Lepka Games, Moonmana and Vostok Games, which became super donors of the charity collection.

Thank you to everyone who participated in this contest. You are cool because you continue to develop despite all the obstacles and troubles.

And of course, we are waiting for Indie Cup Ukraine’23. We hope that even more cool Ukrainian games will be presented there.