Blue Origin successfully launches New Shepard rocket after a long pause

Blue Origin successfully launched its New Shepard suborbital manned rocket. The launch took place from Launch Site One in West Texas on December 19 at 18:43 Kyiv time.

As part of the new mission, Blue Origin sent 33 scientific and research cargoes into space, as well as 38 thousand Club for the Future postcards. The video of the rocket launch can be viewed here, and the launch itself is at 25:45.

The launch of the New Shepard rocket was announced last week. Blue Origin announced the NS-24 mission after a 15-month break. The previous flight within the NS-23 mission took place in September last year and ended in an accident.

An investigation was conducted after the incident. As a result, experts found out that the accident was caused by a thermostructural malfunction of the nozzle on the BE-3PM engine.

After that, the US Federal Aviation Administration (FAA) required Blue Origin to take corrective actions and make changes. Initially, the launch was planned for December 18, but then it was postponed by a day.