Tesla may still sue at least some Cybertruck owners for reselling the car within the first year from the date of delivery. This was reported by Engadget with reference to Electrek.

This refers to the relevant clause in the order agreement. It became known in November, a few weeks before Cybertruck began deliveries.

According to this clause, the owners of the electric pickup truck are prohibited from reselling the Cybertruck within the specified time frame without Tesla’s permission. Otherwise, the company may seek an injunction or demand compensation in the amount of $50 thousand.

Information about such conditions of the manufacturer stirred up social networks. Soon after, Tesla quietly removed the clause from the agreement. But it seems to have done so temporarily.

Cybertruck customers who managed to place an order for a Foundation Series configuration worth $120 thousand received an order agreement. And it still contains a controversial clause.

Judging by a copy posted on the Cybertruck Owners Club forum, buyers agree not to sell their vehicles for the first year after purchase.

If they do want to sell the car, the manufacturer reserves the right to buy it back at a reduced price. Car owners will only be able to sell Cybertrucks without having problems with Tesla if the company refuses to buy the car and gives written consent to sell it to a third party.

It is not yet known whether this rule will apply to all Cybertruck customers or only to Foundation Series owners.

The prohibition on resale of exclusive and very expensive (we are talking millions of dollars) super- and hypercars produced in a limited number does exist. But usually, violation of this condition does not lead to a lawsuit, but to a lifetime ban on purchasing a car of a particular brand. But for such a ban to apply to an ordinary pickup truck…