After the scandal with X advertisers, whom Elon Musk decided to literally send, the odious businessman arrived at the Tesla gigafactory in Texas to hold an event dedicated to the launch of the Cybertruck electric pickup truck. The electric car is finally ready to be delivered to the first customers after years of delays in production. In addition, Tesla shared its price, range, and information about accessories. So, here are all the details that are currently known about the Tesla Cybertruck pickup truck, which is perhaps the most important and interesting electric vehicle of recent years.

Versions and prices

Yes, that’s right, years, because about four years have passed since the first presentation. During this time, not only the numbers on the calendar have changed, but also the price tags for the electric pickup. For example, the price of the Tesla Cybertruck from the moment of its announcement 4 years ago to the present day has been 42% higher than planned – the pickup truck currently starts at $60,990 and can reach about $100,000 without taking into account tax benefits.

The Tesla Cybertruck lineup includes several models, each with different specifications. For a base price of $60,990, a buyer can order a version with rear-wheel drive and a range of 400 km (250 miles), which accelerates to 100 km/h in about 6.5 seconds. However, this pickup truck will have to wait – production of the basic version of the Tesla Cybertruck is scheduled for 2025.

Other variants will be available earlier, starting in 2024. Thus, the mid-level version of the Tesla Cybertruck offers an all-wheel drive system with two electric motors, a range of 540 km (340 miles), 600 hp, and acceleration from 0-100 km/h in less than four seconds. The price of a Tesla Cybertruck with all-wheel drive starts at $80,000.

Finally, the last option is the most “advanced”: it has three electric motors and even received its own name, Tesla Cyberbeast. The power of this electric pickup is 845 horses, and acceleration from 0-100 km/h should take less than three seconds. In fact, even 2.6 seconds is claimed. However, in all three examples, the manufacturer operates with the concept of 0-60 mph (first), and in the latter case, it also adds a note “rolling start” (second), that is, the start is counted from a speed of 2-3-5 km/h to avoid wheel slippage. The Tesla Cybertruck Cyberbeast electric pickup truck should be able to cover up to 515 km (320 miles) and will cost from $100,000.

Swiveling rear wheels, sockets and “stroke extender”

In general, the release of detailed information and images has brought a lot of interesting things to light. Among other things, the layout of the Tesla Cybertruck electric pickup, where, in addition to the battery pack and electric motors, you can see the control mechanism (highlighted in green in the photos). These schematic drawings confirm that the Tesla Cybertruck pickup truck will offer not only front wheels but also rear wheels.

Other interesting technical features include the availability of sockets and the ability to power other consumers. These can be ordinary household appliances or workers’ tools, as well as connections for recharging other electric vehicles.

By the way, the new Tesla Cybertruck also has a backup power supply: in fact, an additional Range Extender battery pack that adds +130 miles of range (almost 210 km). Thus, the maximum autonomous range of the Tesla Cybertruck can reach 470 miles or 760 km.

Spacious interior and almost YOKE steering wheel

And finally, a few words about the interior of the Tesla Cybertruck electric vehicle. It is completely made in geometric shapes, with an emphasis on straight lines and an almost rectangular steering wheel. However, this is not a YOKE – there is an upper part of the steering wheel.

The manufacturer promises extraordinary comfort, which should be provided by pleasant background lighting, large, user-friendly displays (also in the back), many wireless chargers, and more. In addition, there is a special ventilation mode that purifies the air from various pollutants by 99.97% thanks to the available HEPA filter (as in other Tesla electric vehicles).

PS: The Tesla Cybertruck electric pickup truck is quite revolutionary. Just look at the very large “wiper” or the steel body that can withstand impacts and even bullets (watch the video below). And we need more time to comprehend all the changes that this electric vehicle brings with it.

Can it be called the main electric car of recent years? Give us your answer in the comments below!