Do you remember that Suzuki Swift concept car? Even then, it was clear that this was an almost finished production model. Subsequently, the Japanese version debuted, and recently the Suzuki Swift was presented in the European specification – so you can put all the details together and study the new generation Suzuki Swift in detail.

Firstly, it still has a 5-door hatchback body and offers compact dimensions: only 3.86-meter overall length and 2.45-meter wheelbase. Secondly, the new Suzuki Swift still exploits the familiar image with convex front fenders and a visually separated roof. And it still looks good!

The third interesting feature of the Suzuki Swift is its powertrain: a 1.2-liter 3-cylinder gasoline engine in conventional (Japan only) or hybrid (Japan and Europe) versions. However, the exact power is unknown in either case. However, it is known that the hybrid uses MHEV technology with a simple 12-volt starter generator. It is also known that the new Suzuki Swift will offer not only front-wheel drive but also all-wheel drive.

In addition, in the interior photos below, you can see the “manual” lever. Although in the description of the versions for Japan there were also mentions of a CVT transmission. In addition, the interior photos show climate control, a large 9-inch HD display, light décor on the front panel, traditional instruments with a small screen between the dials, and more.

In fact, even without specifying the details, the baby Suzuki Swift already looks like a welcome guest in Ukraine: compact and stylish, there is an all-wheel drive option, a small engine promises efficiency, the interior looks familiar and understandable.

The only question left is the price. But if the new Suzuki Swift offers an adequate price, I would like to exclaim: bring it to Ukraine!