Apple has announced that with the release of iOS 17.2, the iPhone 13 and iPhone 14 series will support the Qi2 wireless charging standard. This update follows the iPhone 15 and 15 Pro, which already support the new standard.

Qi2 adds a MagSafe-like ring of magnets to make it easier to properly install devices on charging surfaces, and compared to the first generation of Qi, the new standard supports charging up to 15W. This enhancement will allow Android smartphones to access the broad ecosystem of magnetic wireless chargers designed for the iPhone with MagSafe. In turn, for iPhone users, Qi2 offers faster MagSafe charging without the higher cost associated with Apple-certified chargers.

Currently, charging an iPhone with a non-MagSafe wireless magnetic charger limits the power to 7.5W. In contrast, using a MagSafe-certified charger allows you to reach up to 15 watts. However, it’s unclear whether the iPhone 13 and 14 will charge at 15W on Qi2 chargers, as Apple has not explicitly confirmed this information.

iOS 17.2 is expected to be released this week or next week, in line with Apple’s usual practice of sharing iOS release candidates a few days before the full release. The update will also introduce the Journal app, allow iPhone 15 Pro smartphones to capture spatial video, fix iPhone 15 wireless charging issues in some cars, and allow users to change the default notification sound.