The genetic testing company 23andMe reported that hackers had gained access to the personal data of 0.1% of customers, or about 14 thousand people, writes TechCrunch.

23andMe also added that the attackers were able to access “a significant number of files containing information about the pedigree of other users.”

The company did not say how many users were affected. However, the publication informs that 6.9 million people were affected by the leak. Thus, we can talk about almost half of the company’s 14 million customers. The stolen data included a person’s name, year of birth, family ties, and other personal information.

As a reminder, in early October, 23andMe launched an investigation after a leak of private user data from its website. This happened after an ad was posted online about the sale of private information of 23andMe users.

But this is not the only case. Subsequently, it became known that 23andMe was investigating reports of a new data breach. This time, it was about personal data belonging to residents of the United Kingdom and “the richest people living in the United States and Western Europe.”