Genetic testing company 23andMe is investigating reports of a new data breach involving millions of user records. This was reported by The Verge.

Information about the possible leak was published the day before by TechCrunch. Citing a hacker, it reported that information from 4 million profiles belonging to UK residents and “the richest people living in the US and Western Europe” had been leaked.

The hacker posted information about the hack on BreachForums. This information is now being verified by 23andMe.

“Our investigation is ongoing and if we learn that a customer’s data has been accessed without their authorization, we will notify them directly with more information,” the company stated.

This is the second such situation in a month. It was only in early October that 23andMe launched a investigation after a leak of private user data from its website. The company took such action after an ad was posted online about the sale of private information of 23andMe users.