Brand executives and marketing leaders approached X CEO Linda Yaccarino to convince her to resign. This is reported by Axios with reference to informed sources.

“The issue is no longer about content adjacencies or content moderation. It’s simply that the owner is not someone marketers can do business with,” said Lou Paskalis, founder & CEO of marketing consultancy AJL Advisory.

According to him, he wrote to Linda Yaccarino on Sunday afternoon and urged her to leave “before her reputation is damaged.” Meanwhile, Lou Pascalis is not the only one who shares similar concerns and advises her to quit.

“I think the advertising community is now working to save the reputation of a beloved member of our industry who does not share Elon Musk’s views and certainly did not know them when she accepted the role of CEO. If she did, she would not have accepted it,” added the CEO of AJL Advisory.

He believes that Linda Yakkarino was unaware of the billionaire’s views, otherwise she would not have accepted the position of CEO of X.

At the same time, knowledgeable sources claim that CEO X is not yet considering resigning.

As you know, many large businesses are now curtailing their corporate advertising on the platform due to the recent anti-Semitic scandals. However, the industry has drawn attention to this state of affairs many times.

For example, in September, Apple CEO Tim Cook admitted that there are “some things” about the X platform that he doesn’t like. In particular, he considers the problem of anti-Semitism on the social network “disgusting.” However, he likes the concept that the platform exists for discussion.

Before joining X, Linda Iaccarino led NBCUniversal’s advertising business for more than a decade. During this time, she gained a reputation as one of the most savvy advertising leaders in the industry.