Apple CEO Tim Cook admits that there are “some things” he doesn’t like about Platform X. For example, he finds the problem of anti-Semitism on the social network “disgusting.” However, he likes the concept that the platform exists for discussions. Tim Cook said this in an interview with CBS Sunday Morning, writes The Verge.

Meanwhile, he did not directly answer whether Apple should advertise on X., but added that the company is “constantly” asking itself about it.

Among other things, Apple CEO commented on the situation around Vision Pro, given the information that there are delays in the headset production. However, Tim Cook noted that Vision Pro remains on its way. Moreover, he watched the entire third season of Ted Lasso using the future device.

During the interview, the tech giant’s CEO also discussed Apple’s environmental initiatives, including the fact that the new Apple Watch Series 9 is labeled as carbon-neutral.

According to him, the company aims to show that being carbon neutral can be profitable. According to Apple’s own calculations, gross carbon emissions are declining, while the company as a whole continues to thrive.

As a reminder, Apple intends to abandon plastic packaging by the end of 2024. The company also announced that it will no longer use leather in its products. Instead, it will use a material called FineWoven. It is made from recycled materials and comes in several colors.