YouTube launches 1080p Premium feature with a higher video bitrate for users of the platform’s web versions, as well as owners of smart TVs and Android devices, reports TechCrunch.

The option is available to YouTube Premium subscribers. Initially, the feature was only available for iPhone and Apple TV, but Google later confirmed that it will be available on Android. Already in the summer, it became known that the company had begun relevant testing.


YouTube offers other features for premium subscribers. This is a feature that allows you to continue watching videos on different devices. This is now available on smart TVs and tablets, among other things.

This means that a user can watch content on the web version of the platform, and then log in to their account and continue watching the same video on a smart TV.

In addition, YouTube is introducing special badges for premium users aged 18 and older to showcase their achievements on the platform.

Earlier, it was also reported that YouTube will require authors to label content that looks realistic and was created using artificial intelligence. The relevant policy update will come into effect next year.