YouTube has started testing a new 1080p Premium feature that offers higher bitrate video on Android and Google TV, reports 9to5Google. This feature will only be available to YouTube Premium subscribers.

The 1080p Premium option was for the first time spotted in February and is initially only available for iPhone and Apple TV. Google officially announced the feature in April, explaining that it enables streaming of 1080p content at a higher bitrate. Initially, the feature was exclusive to Apple devices, but later Google confirmed that it will also appear on Android.

A user on Reddit announced that the 1080p Premium video quality option has appeared in the YouTube app for Android TV. The program shows this option next to the standard 1080p definition, with a brief explanation that it offers an “increased bitrate”. Users are encouraged to upgrade to YouTube Premium to access this feature.

YouTube is testing the 1080p Premium feature on Android and Google TV

Additionally, a Twitter user wrote that he saw the 1080p Premium option on his smartphone Motorola via the official YouTube app for Android.

Contrary to some misconceptions, the new 1080p Premium option does not mean that YouTube will charge for the existing Full HD resolution. Instead, the service will add a new level of quality available only to subscribers.