Google has announced the launch of a technology that will allow users to generate images in the search bar using artificial intelligence, reports TechCrunch.

The new feature was introduced in the AI-based search engine Search Generative Experience (SGE). To use it, users have to enter a query in the search bar and specify what kind of image they want to get. SGE will offer four options to choose from.

The user can then edit the image or, if no changes are needed, immediately download it in .png format. The images will contain metadata that identifies them as created by artificial intelligence, as well as watermarks invisible to the human eye.

Google search will create images using artificial intelligence

Since AI image creation has already led to the appearance of inappropriate content, Google decided to make the feature available only to users 18 years and older. To use it, you need to register with Google Labs and SGE.

In the summer, Google announced an update to its AI-based search engine Search Generative Experience. The company’s improvements are aimed at helping people better understand complex concepts or topics, improve their coding skills, etc.