The Skoda Superb actually completes a large cycle of updates to VAG’s mid-range models: we’ve already seen the new Volkswagen Passat and Volkswagen Tiguan, we have already seen a new crossover Skoda Kodiak. So, logically, the only thing left is the debut of the fourth-generation Skoda Superb. And here it is.

Exterior: any Skoda Superb variant is now 4.9+ meters long

The phrase “any variant” clearly hints at the possibility of choice. After all, the Skoda Superb has retained the option of choosing a body type: it can still offer a liftback body – which looks so much like a sedan! It’s all thanks to the horizontal protrusion of the trunk lid: this “trick” has been done by Skoda Superb more than once.

Moreover, it is the Skoda Superb liftback that has grown the most in size: 43 mm plus – and now the total length has reached 4.91 meters! And also new headlights and lights, a line on the doors, dark chrome trim, six new body colors, an updated range of ten wheel options… At the same time, the overall proportions of the body have remained unchanged. The fourth-generation Skoda Superb is both “completely new” and “familiar” at the same time.

The Skoda Superb Combi wagon has added 40 mm, so its overall length has also surpassed the 4.9-meter mark. But the wheelbase has not changed compared to its predecessor and is the same for both cars – 2.84 meters.

However, the width (slightly less) and height (slightly more) have changed by a few millimeters. Interestingly, the liftback again received the maximum bonus: +12 mm versus +5 mm for the station wagon. Thus, both body types are almost equal in height: about 1.48 meters. Finally, the width is almost 1.85 meters.

Of course, the increase in size has led to an increase in space – both in the cabin above people’s heads and in the desired department. For example, the Skoda Superb liftback now offers a luggage compartment with a volume of 645 liters, compared to 625 liters for its predecessor. And the Skoda Superb Combi wagon is capable of even more: the trunk volume now reaches 690 liters, compared to 660 liters in the previous generation car.

Under the hood: three types of engines, two types of drive, one automatic

If you have read the previous three car presentations carefully, you already understand the technical part of the Skoda Superb without a description. In general, the supporting body and independent suspensions remain in place, a new adaptive DCC Plus chassis has appeared, and the engine range consists exclusively of 4-cylinder turbo engines. What kind of engines?

The initial gasoline option is the 1.5 TSI engine with 150 hp; if you need more, Skoda will offer a 2-liter 204-hp TSI gasoline engine or even a 265-hp version of the gasoline turbo engine. The diesel range consists of a pair of 2-liter TDI engines with an output of 150 or 193 hp.

As for the transmission, the new Skoda Superb with the aforementioned engines will always be equipped with the unalternative 7-speed DSG automatic. However, there is an alternative in terms of drive type: common front-wheel drive or even all-wheel drive – the latter will be offered for the 193-horsepower diesel or 265-horsepower gasoline engine.

Finally, the Skoda Superb wagon (just a wagon!) can offer another powertrain option – the popular PHEV hybrid.

The basis is a 1.5 TSI gasoline engine, to which an electric motor and a DSG (but a 6-speed) are added. The total power of this hybrid is 204 hp.

But it is interesting not so much for its power as for the size of the battery. Thanks to a rather large battery capacity (25.7 kWh), the hybrid version of the Skoda Superb should cover about 100 km exclusively on electric drive. This figure covers not only daily city commuting “home-work-school-shopping” but also even short suburban trips.

Inside: large displays, automatic transmission lever under the steering wheel and Smart Dials

The interior concept is already partially familiar from the new generation Skoda Kodiak model. For example, a 10-inch display will be used as a dashboard. Another – a maximum of 13-inch – has found a place in the center of the front panel. A projection display for the driver is also offered.

In addition, the new generations of Skoda Superb and Skoda Kodiak share some common ergonomic solutions. For example, the automatic transmission lever is located under the steering wheel, not in the center console area. We can also mention the Smart Dials: they allow you to control the climate, heated seats, audio system, etc.

However, there are also noticeable differences. For example, inside the Skoda Superb, the shape of the front panel is completely different – it seems to stretch across the entire width of the cabin in a continuous line with a deflection in the middle. The ventilation deflectors are carefully hidden in decorative stripes, and the center console has a place for the handbrake control button.

There is also space for numerous niches and pockets, an electric trunk lid, and more. In total, the interior of the Skoda Superb has up to 28 solutions, combined with this “branded” Simply Clever…

And the final: when can we expect it in Ukraine?

Currently, the new Skoda Superb is scheduled to appear on the Ukrainian market in July next year. These will be imported cars; there is no talk of production/assembly at the Ukrainian plant. The full list of available engines and trim levels of the Skoda Superb will be announced closer to the launch. So, all fans of large business class cars – get ready!