After many hints and spy photos, we finally have the official debut and full information about the next-generation Volkswagen Passat. This is a very important model for Volkswagen: over its 50-year history, about 34 million copies have been produced, which is second only to the Golf and Beetle. How much will the new model add and how will it attract customers?

More size, more power

For example, the increased body size. After all, the new Volkswagen Passat Variant has a total length of 4.92 meters and a wheelbase of 2.84 meters – a lot! In addition, larger wheels (maximum 19-inch) are offered for the new model, and the Volkswagen Passat Variant boasts the latest IQ.LIGHT LED matrix headlights and modified sectional lights.

Other modern technologies of the Volkswagen Passat Variant include the updated MQB Evo platform and the DCC Pro suspension with advanced tuning capabilities. Also, from now on, all versions of the car will receive a DSG box, and there will be no “mechanics” at all.

However, the most interesting is the engine lineup, which will include seven variants for the new Volkswagen Passat Variant. First, there is a 2.0 TDI turbodiesel engine (122/150/193 hp) or a 2.0 TSI gasoline engine (204/265 hp) – the most powerful diesel/gasoline versions have 4MOTION all-wheel drive; the rest have the usual front-wheel drive.

Secondly, the new Volkswagen Passat Variant will receive interesting hybrid versions based on the 1.5-liter TSI engine. For the first time, a 150-horsepower 1.5 eTSI version with 48-volt mild hybrid technology will be offered for the model. Also based on this engine, two eHybrid hybrids with rechargeability are built: 204 or 272 hp, 19.7 kWh battery, and an electric drive range of about 100 km.

The newest spacious interior, the latest interesting features

The increase in size also affected the interior space of the cabin. For example, an increase in legroom for rear passengers (+50 mm) is promised, and the trunk has also been enlarged: its useful volume ranges from 690 to 1920 liters.

However, there are still many changes ahead, and we can even say conceptual ones! For example, the new Volkswagen Passat Variant has a DSG lever on the right side of the steering wheel. Accordingly, the control of the turn signals and wipers is now combined on the left switch: a kind of “hello” to the three-ray star.

Or the use of the new MIB4 multimedia system and the large (12.9- or 15-inch) center display. Finally, we can mention the 10.25-inch instrument cluster display, the ergoActive seats with massage, the interior background lighting, and more.

We say goodbye to the sedan, but the R-Line is here to stay

It seems that the next-generation Volkswagen Passat will not have a sedan body: in fact, its place is taken by the Volkswagen ID.7 electric car, and therefore the Passat will be produced only in the Variant wagon body.

However, a certain “variability” of versions is still provided. In addition to the variety of engines, the new model will also be offered in the Volkswagen Passat Variant R-Line version. As usual, it has a “sporty” bumper design, larger 18-inch wheels, seats with integrated headrests, a special R-steering wheel, and extended equipment – it looks good.

The opportunity to order the new Volkswagen Passat Variant on the European market will open soon. However, the start of production and deliveries is scheduled for early 2024.

The fate of the Volkswagen Passat for Ukraine will probably be decided by then. Especially given the availability of only the station wagon body on the market, which prefers sedans in this class. Will the new Volkswagen Passat Variant be able to change the trends? I’m not sure. Although, of course, the car turned out to be beautiful and interesting.