Meta is considering introducing a fee of up to $14 for users in the European Union to access Instagram or Facebook without ads. This was reported by The Economic Times with reference to The Wall Street Journal.

For example, the cost of access on a desktop computer can be about 10 euros ($10.46) per month for one account. An additional 6 euros will have to be paid for another linked account. On a mobile device, the cost of an ad-free subscription can be about 13 euros per account. However, users in the EU will potentially be offered free versions of Facebook or Instagram, but they will contain personalized ads.

Earlier it was reported that Meta may offer users in Europe a paid subscription option on Facebook and Instagram that would mean no ads. However, the cost of the service was unknown at the time.

The idea of a paid subscription is said to be a way for Meta to avoid conflicts with European regulators over data privacy, as social media advertising is based on the analysis of user data.