Samsung has officially announced the deployment of Android 14 update with One UI 6, starting with Galaxy S23, S23+ and S23 Ultra. At the same time, the manufacturer has also released a preliminary list of Galaxy smartphones that will receive an update to Android 14 in the coming months.

Android 14 for Samsung devices will be delivered via the One UI 6.0 update, which will bring with it a variety of platform improvements from Google as well as updates to Samsung’s own user interface. These updates include a number of new camera features, updated emojis, and more. Initially, these features will be exclusive to the Galaxy S23 series, which is currently receiving the update.

Samsung also provided a list of other Galaxy smartphones that will receive Android 14 with One UI 6. It includes flagship models of the last few years, foldable devices, and some A-series models. In particular, the list includes:

  • Galaxy S23 series;
  • Galaxy S22 series;
  • Galaxy S21 series;
  • Galaxy S20 series;
  • Galaxy Fold 5;
  • Galaxy Fold 4;
  • Galaxy Fold 3;
  • Galaxy Fold 2;
  • Galaxy Flip 5;
  • Galaxy Flip 4;
  • Galaxy Flip 3;
  • Galaxy Flip 5G;
  • Galaxy Flip;
  • Galaxy Note 20 series;
  • Galaxy A54;
  • Galaxy A53.

All of these models should receive the One UI 6.0 update in the next few months. Samsung is not expected to disclose a detailed update schedule in case the firmware builds require additional fixes and testing.

It is important to note that this initial list is not exhaustive. Given Samsung’s current software update policy, it is likely that a wider range of smartphones and tablets will eventually be updated to Android 14. However, the company has not yet officially named them.