Having talked about the new generation of CarPlay back at WWDC 2022, Apple seems to have forgotten about it. All subsequent presentations were held without any mention of the update or any hints about the current progress. And yes, even though only buyers of new cars would be able to test the update, it is still interesting to see the new features.

As 9to5Mac points out, the hope to see a new CarPlay appear this year is still alive. It is noted that Apple keeps the information on its website up-to-date, and the CarPlay page still has a set timeframe for the update with the announcement of the first cars at the end of 2023.

This is the timeframe that has been specified since the first demonstration of the new CarPlay, and it seems that the plan remains unchanged for now. Earlier, the company also announced 14 brands that will support the update, including Mercedes, Honda, Porsche, Polestar and others.

You can still expect updated Apple CarPlay features this year

The new generation of CarPlay is expected to make significant additions to the overall concept. Thus, CarPlay will be displayed not only on the car’s multimedia display, but will also be able to replace the digital instrument panel, which, in addition to the usual information about speed, fuel or battery power, etc., will be able to display maps, compass, call information, etc.

CarPlay will also gain more control over car settings (for example, it will be able to control climate systems), and additional displays will have new widgets and even control of smart home gadgets (useful for opening garage doors or turning on lights).

You can still expect updated Apple CarPlay features this year

It is also worth noting that the timing of the announcement of the first cars supporting the new generation of CarPlay does not necessarily mean that they will be available this year. However, the possibility that the new models already presented will receive this update should not be dismissed.

The company’s next presentation will take place this evening. However, given that it is devoted to computer upgrades, you shouldn’t expect anything interesting for car fans.