Recently, Renault has told us about its new products. In addition to the production car Renault Kardian, the Renault Niagara concept car was also demonstrated, a new pickup truck that is interesting for two reasons.

First of all, the history of the Renault Duster Oroch pickup truck began in the form of a concept. Which then went into production almost unchanged and was produced until recently on the basis of the “first” Duster, although the “second” has long existed. That is: it’s time to update the Duster pickup – and the Renault Niagara concept shows us exactly what this pickup will look like.

Secondly, pay attention to the design of the front end and headlights, the solid taillight strip, and the vertical tailgate handles – these solutions are not currently available on the second-generation Renault Duster. And what if the Renault Niagara concept pickup is based not on the “second” Duster, but on the “third” Duster? Or on the potential large Renault/Dacia Bigster crossover, which should be a step up from the Renault Duster?

It is also worth paying attention to the technology of the Renault Niagara concept: E-Tech technology, Mild Hybrid 48V system, 4WD all-wheel drive with an electric motor to drive the rear wheels. This is too complicated for a potentially simple and affordable pickup truck. But it is quite suitable for creating a modern middle-class crossover.

It seems that the Renault Niagara concept really hints at two models at once: the launch of a new pickup truck and, at the same time, the appearance of a new Renault/Dacia crossover.