Recently, there has been a sort of “invasion” of Japanese concepts, the reason for which is the local auto show. However, let’s get back to real cars for real life today. For example, such as the new Renault Kardian.

This is a new compact car that looks like a B-segment crossover due to its rather high body position, good ground clearance, and plastic lining on the bottom. At the same time, when it comes to the body shape, the Renault Kardian is a typical compact hatchback with a 4.12-meter length and 2.6-meter wheelbase.

The Renault Kardian’s design is quite modern, but it did not have any electric evolutions: a 1-liter gasoline turbo engine with 125 horses and 220 Nm, an EDC robot box with the DW23 code. However, there are several interesting features here. For example, folding roof rails: they are installed lengthwise, but if necessary, they can be rotated and installed in a transverse position to accommodate cargo. Or here’s another highlight: the transmission is controlled by a selector “by wire”, there is no mechanical switch – which is quite unusual for budget cars.

And in general, the Renault Kardian crossover has a good list of equipment: adaptive cruise control, surround view cameras, blind spot monitoring, a 7-inch digital instrument panel, MULTI-SENSE system and a central 8-inch display, six airbags. Of course, the full list of equipment will probably be offered only for the maximum versions of Renault Kardian, but it’s still very, very good…

It is reported that the Renault Kardian will be launched in Latin America first. But it is also reported that sales in other markets are planned for later. It is highly desirable that Ukraine is also on the list and we see the new Renault Kardian on the streets of our cities.