The latest insider information about the new Mac computers has shown serious discrepancies in forecasts. Last week, Ming-Chi Kuo wrote that we can’t expect an improved iMac this year, however, in his weekly column for Bloomberg, Mark Gurman outlined a completely different version of Apple’s computer update schedule.

According to Mr. Gurman’s sources, Apple is still planning to update its computers in the last days of October, and in his opinion, it may be the 24-inch iMac. As a reminder, the current model has been on sale since 2021 and has not had any updates since then.

Gurman also refers to the availability of computers in the manufacturer’s stock. He notes that the waiting time for ordering both iMacs and MacBook Pros of all variations (i.e., not only 14- and 16-inch models, but also the MBP 13 in the previous case) has increased.

However, it is difficult to say what exactly this update will look like:

“I recently reported that while next-generation MacBook Air models with M3 chips won’t launch until 2024, the company has made headway on new 14-inch and 16-inch MacBook Pros. You’ll recall that Apple just released MacBook Pros in January, so an additional update the same year would be unusual, but not inconceivable,” notes Gurman.

But where insiders’ opinions coincide is on the new 32-inch iMac Pro model. With the transition to in-house chips, the iMac Pro model basically disappeared from Apple’s computer range. However, the company did not plan to completely forget about it. Therefore, a new version is still expected to appear in the future – in 2024 or 2025 – and will become the largest iMac in the history of Apple’s all-in-one PCs.