Modern gadgets are quite resistant to water immersion, but they have their limits. In most cases, flagship products offer protection against water and dust, and some models of smartwatches even allow you to dive to a depth of 100 meters. For example, the first Apple Watch Ultra model could already withstand such loads.

One of 9to5Mac’s readers, Amir Noorani, told his own story of accidentally testing his first-generation Apple Watch Ultra. While vacationing on Lake Travis in Texas, Mr. Noorani lost his gadget in the water, at about 30 meters deep. It was not immediately recovered, even with the help of divers.

At that point, the user had no choice but to turn on Lost Mode via Find My on the iPhone just in case (so the contact information appears on the watch in case of a lost and found) and continue their vacation without the watch.

However, the story did not end there. Three months later, Mr. Noorani received a call from another diver who had found the watch. During this time, the Apple Watch Ultra had become covered with dirt, most of which was removed, and moreover, after a few more days on the charger, the watch even turned on and continued to work.

Earlier this year, there was already a similar situation with the iPhone 11, which was also lost in Brazil’s Lake Paranoa, where the smartphone lay at the bottom for a week, after which it continued to work.