Many smartphone models already provide the possibility of contact with water. Depending on the manufacturer, the casings of the devices are able to withstand from small splashes to full submersion underwater to a depth of 6 meters for 30 minutes (as in the case of newer iPhone models). But sometimes (most often due to unpleasant circumstances) such restrictions are violated. And it happens that smartphones still remain suitable for further use.

Recently, such a case happened in Brazil at Lake Paranoá. While on a kayaking holiday, a student Breno Rafael dived into the water to save a drowning woman. He managed to help her to get to shore but lost his iPhone 11 in the water in the process. This model also has IP68 water and dust protection and can withstand submersion up to two meters for 30 minutes.

Then Breno could not find a smartphone. But within a week, it was accidentally picked up from the bottom by the diving instructor Edinho Rocha. The device turned out to be working but locked, and Edinho began searching for the owner through social media. That’s how Breno found his smartphone. It turned out that the gadget was able to withstand a 7-meter immersion for a week while maintaining the ability to work.

It is worth remembering that protection against water and dust remains quite a “gray area” for service centers. If the smartphone cannot withstand one of the simplest dives (into the pool, for example), such a case may not be covered by the warranty. On Apple’s website, you can still find the small text that emphasizes that such protection can lose its properties over time, and that “liquid damage is not covered by the warranty.”

In this case, Breno was really lucky that his iPhone 11 was able to “survive” such a long and deep immersion. But it is quite possible that over time it will unpleasantly remind of itself.