Dropbox has announced an update to its web interface. The company promises that it will become available to all users in the coming months, reports The Verge.

As part of the update, a new action bar has been added to the web interface, providing quick access to functions such as screen recording, folder creation, and file upload.

File previews have also been redesigned. Dropbox claims that this will make it easier to edit images, videos, and PDFs. In general, the updated web interface has become “cleaner” and simpler.

In addition to these changes, Dropbox has announced the launch of an open beta of artificial intelligence-based search. We are talking about the universal Dash function that was introduced in the summer. At the time, she said that the AI-powered search engine could access users’ files not only in Dropbox, but all over the Internet.

The company is also expanding the Dropbox AI feature. This tool for summarizing and querying documents was also introduced in the summer. Now, it should be able to analyze the entire content of a user’s account.

Among other things, the company announced Dropbox Studio. This tool is positioned as a universal one for video creators.