It seems that very soon the list of electric cars will be replenished with two new models from the Koreans. Currently, a couple of KIA EV3s and KIA EV4s are designated as concepts, but if you recall the story of KIA EV9 and KIA EV5 – they will very soon become mass-produced and will also retain this design, which we can see right now.

The KIA EV4 concept looks the most interesting, as it is a harbinger of a mid-size electric sedan. Despite the dynamic tilt of the rear window, the company describes the KIA EV4 concept as a “four-door”; and the trunk line is noticeable.

But in addition to the body format itself, the KIA EV4 concept also boasts a comprehensive “driver mood” selection system. Depending on the settings, the electric vehicle can change not only the driving style, but also the interior lighting, dashboard display, and more.

Instead, the KIA EV3 concept is designed as a compact crossover, of which there are many. However, it also has something to boast of: a transformed interior!

As conceived by the developers, the KIA EV3 concept will offer a small movable flat table for the convenience of passengers: it can be moved forward/backward or rotated. In addition, the KIA EV3 concept has a rear sofa that can be lifted up, which frees up more space for the transportation of large items.

So, now we just have to wait for the KIA EV3 and KIA EV4 concepts to be turned into production electric vehicles!