First, there was a concept car, then the first information appeared – and finally, the KIA EV5 electric crossover has been officially unveiled with the first branded photos of the exterior and interior. And what do we see?

In general, the appearance was already familiar: pointed headlights, rectangular lights, and the third roof pillar set back and tilted. Let’s recall the overall dimensions: the total length exceeds 4.6 m, the wheelbase reached 2.75 m.

The KIA EV5 electric car is based on the E-GMP platform, which includes independent wheel suspensions, rear or all-wheel drive, and batteries with a voltage of up to 800 volts. It is already known that the KIA EV5 electric car will receive the first version with a single electric motor (160 kW or 218 hp) and rear-wheel drive. It is also known that the electric crossover will have an iron-phosphate battery and will be able to cover up to 700 km on a single charge. But when will there be a version with all-wheel drive and two electric motors? What is the size of the battery? This is unknown.

But now the interior is known! So, the KIA EV5 electric car has a front panel with a pair of 12.3-inch displays. But what is unusual is the addition of another small display between them – specifically for climate control. That is: we cut the display into the display so that you can watch TV while watching TV…

Also note the center console and the front seat, which seems to bend around a ledge and creates an armrest in front. And the rear attracts attention with a flat floor and a trunk with separate shelves and a liftgate. It seems that the KIA EV5 electric car will become a real king of practicality!

When will this happen? Soon: full information on the electric vehicle will be disclosed in the fall of this year. The start of sales in the Chinese market (where the KIA EV5 will be produced) will also take place in the fall. After that, the electric car will be exported, meaning that it should be expected in other markets in the spring of 2024. I wonder if it will reach Ukraine?