Traditionally, in the last days of the month, Sony announces the next month’s PS Plus game giveaways. Thus, in October, all subscribers of all tariffs, including the basic PS Plus Essential, will be able to add the following titles to their library:

The Callisto Protocol (PS5, PS4) — a survival horror game developed by a team led by the creator of the famous Dead Space series. The Callisto Protocol was released last year and was supposed to be a “new Dead Space”: it was very similar in atmosphere to its predecessors, but both players and critics had quite serious questions about the gameplay.

Farming Simulator 22 (PS5, PS4) — the latest installment of the farming simulator to be released on the “big” gaming platforms. Farming Simulator games are released almost every year on consoles and PCs, as well as on mobile systems, with improved graphics, new equipment, tasks, etc. In total, the series already includes more than a dozen games that have sold more than 25 million copies.

Weird West (PS5, PS4) — an action/RPG with immersive simulation elements and a top-down view. The game is based on the Weird West genre of the same name and tells the story of the inhabitants of the Wild West who encounter supernatural phenomena.

The giveaway will start on October 3, but for now, the preview offer is still in effect: everyone still has time to pick up September’s games on PS Plus. To recap, these are Saints Row, Black Desert: Traveler Edition and Generation Zero.