Meta has introduced new AI-based features for image editing on Instagram, writes Engadget.

We’re talking about the new “restyle” and “backdrop” tools. The former resembles a powerful AI-based filter that allows you to modify existing photos and give them a different look. The second tool allows you to work with the background of an image.

It is not yet known when these AI tools will be introduced on the platform. But Meta indicates that this will happen soon. Posts created with the help of new features will have a corresponding informative mark. This will avoid confusion about the authorship of the content.

AI tools for image editing will appear on Instagram

In addition to editing tools, the company showed new stickers that can be created using artificial intelligence. The option will be available on Instagram, WhatsApp, Messenger, and Facebook Stories. Users will be able to create them using text prompts.

By the way, Meta may offer users in Europe a paid subscription option on Facebook and Instagram that will be ad-free. This idea could be a way for the tech giant to avoid conflicts with European regulators over data privacy, as social media advertising is based on user data analysis.