Some owners of the new iPhone 15 have reported problems with their smartphones heating up, especially during charging or prolonged use, reports Android Authority.

These reviews are shared by customers who pre-ordered the iPhone 15 in the first week after the launch and have already received their phones.

“Speaking from my personal experience, my iPhone 15 Pro Max running iOS 17.0.2 runs very hot in two scenarios. One is during charging with a 65W USB PD GaN charger…” shares the author of the publication.

With this charger, he says, his phone gets uncomfortably hot if he keeps it without a case. Using a 15W USB PD charger eliminates this heat, but charging is slower.

“The second is during long use sessions, often when switching between chat apps and watching reels on Instagram,” says the author.

He notices that the heating is happening even though he is not charging the phone or playing games. Therefore, he does not understand the cause of the problem.

Many users of the X platform also share similar experiences. Some joke that the smartphone gets so hot that you can’t do without a case.

At the same time, a Korean YouTuber pointed a thermal imaging camera at the iPhone 15 Plus and 15 Pro Max after launching the benchmark program and recorded high temperatures.

It’s also worth noting that many owners of Apple’s newest iPhones have not encountered this situation, and their smartphones are working properly. Therefore, it is unlikely that the problem of excessive heating can be called widespread.

As a reminder, Apple showcased the new flagship iPhone 15 Pro and iPhone 15 Pro Max during a presentation on September 12.